Immersed in the paradisiac Bolivian marshland is the Anahi Mine, the only known Ametrine or Bolivianita field in the world. Minerales y Metales del Oriente SRL started its activities in the Anahi Mine in 1990. Besides being an Ametrine (Bolivianita) field, it is also the source of a variety of different violet tones of Amethyst, Citrine and Anahita, another rare light purple gem with a metallic sheen.

The installation of Anahi Jewelry Manufacturing finished in 2004, making it a world class company that is fully vertically integrated, exporting gems to over 20 countries in the world.

One year later the Bolivianita’s seduction was completed, taking the process to the next level: making international quality jewelry that is sold through the Joyerias Anahi [Anahi Jewelry Store Chain.]